Student Representation 23/24

Student President

Sayed Mustafa Sadat

Sayed is a 2nd-year Business student at Bloomsbury Institute, presently holding the position of student body president. Before assuming this role, he served in various capacities, including as a Student Rep, Business Society Leader, PAL, Peer Mentor, and Hospitality worker. Possessing a proven track record of leadership, reliability, and academic excellence, Sayed is unwaveringly committed to representing and enhancing the student experience at Bloomsbury Institute.


Foundation Year Student REPS

Business Management

Cristina Mihaela Sangateanu

After a successful Foundation Year, I am excited to share that I have been elected as a Student Representative. I am enthusiastic person with a background as a Special Services Officer and Customer Service Executive, I have earned certificates for my outstanding work. Looking ahead, I am driven by three business ideas inspired by my studies, ranging from a tourism agency to a Romanian Restaurant and a small warehouse. Join me on this entrepreneurial journey!


Saman Zamani

I am Saman, a passionate student fascinated with the transformative power of education, led me to become an international student. Leveraging my background in sales marketing and a deep understanding of market and financial analysis, I successfully connect education with global business. Being a Student Rep, I aim to share my wealth of knowledge, inspire others, and collectively make a lasting impact on the world.


Kaiti Kontouri

Hey there!  I am Kaiti, a mom from Greece juggling the joys of family with my passion for exploring new places and cuisines. When not on adventures, catch me crocheting or cooking up a storm. I am also a book lover! Now, as a first-year Business Management student and Student Rep, my goal is to support my fellow students, making our educational journey awesome. Balancing family, studies, and creativity, I am on a mission to create a positive impact. Join me on this exciting journey!



Albert Iulian Mirzeanu

I am in my Foundation Year, and I look forward to being your Student Rep. This will help me to engage the students to contribute to the decisions made in our Institution, by representing their ideas and views while keeping them involved in our academic community. As a Student Rep, I am also expanding my confidence and knowledge as taking this responsibility plays a significant role to play.



1st Year Student REPS

Business Management

Akram Idrissi Tote

Hey everyone! This is Akram, your Equality Society Leader and friendly Student Rep. My main goal is to make sure everyone’s voice is heard whether it’s good vibes or constructive feedback. I’m all about creating a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone. I’m on a mission to keep things respectful and dignified, so you can always feel empowered to share your thoughts and concerns. Let’s make our community awesome together!


Olufolake Opaleye

Hey, I’m Olufolake, but you can call me OLU! I’m diving into my first year of Business Management, and I’m super excited to be your Student Rep. Why? Because I want to be the voice for you, my awesome fellow students. Count on me as a reliable student who’s always in class and ready to chat with everyone. I’m all about making sure your thoughts get heard by the bigwigs at the university. Let’s make our student experience the best it can be!


Harkaranjot Singh

I’m Jot, and my vision for our university is all about unity, empowerment, and progress. I’ll put in the hard work to make sure every student’s voice is not just heard but truly respected. Together, let’s build an inclusive space that celebrates our diversity and creates a powerful sense of community. I’m eager to represent you, working side by side to bring about positive, lasting changes. Let’s aim for a university experience that’s vibrant, inclusive, and full of dynamism!



Nahid Tonya Niazi

I am Tonya, and thrilled to be your Student Rep. I am approachable and friendly, making it easy for my peers to chat about anything, whether it is study-related or just life. I am here to go the extra mile to support each student. I am an initiative-taking and confident speaker, always eager to find effective solutions that work for everyone. Beyond academics, I love meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Together, let’s make our academic journey not just successful but also a memorable experience. 

Ionha Cayabyab

I’m Ionha, a law student with a passion for supporting not only my fellow law students but all students at Bloomsbury Institute London in any way I can. Serving as a Student Rep would provide me with the opportunity to come closer to achieving my goal of assisting and advocating for the well-being and needs of our diverse student body.



Dina Shihab Ahmed

Greetings, everyone! I’m Dina, ready to dive into the world of Law at Bloomsbury Institution. Super thrilled to embark on this journey, not just for myself, but to meet everyone’s needs and be there whenever help is required. This opportunity excites me because it’s a chance to assist others in decision-making and problem-solving. I’m taking on this role to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and to boost confidence all around. 


Sariann Samikka Lenadia Greenaway

Being in this role has not only been an honour but also a fantastic journey of personal growth. I’ve had the opportunity to enhance my communication skills by actively sharing the valuable opinions and perspectives of our student community with academics. I believe we are all equal, and each one of us deserves the very best. It’s not just about equal opportunities; it’s about creating an environment where everyone can thrive, pursue their goals, and turn their dreams into reality. 


Accounting & Finance

Ahmed Abdel-Salam Abdelhamed 

I am Ahmed, your dedicated Student Representative! I’m here to make sure your voice echoes through your university journey. Whether you’re reaching for career goals, seeking study support, or just need a friendly mentor, count on me to have your back. Making a positive change is not just a duty but something I deeply believe in. Let’s shape our university experience together!



2nd Year Student REPS

Business Management

Andreea- Alexandra Neacsu

I’m a dedicated and passionate student who believes in the power of making a positive impact. Currently serving as a continuing Student Rep, I’m on a mission to achieve more by extending a helping hand to others. I’m eager to reprise my role, armed with the valuable lessons and experiences I’ve gained. I’m a believer that the student voice is a powerful catalyst for positive change. My goal is to ensure that our voice is not only well-presented but also heard by the university.


Serigne Babacar Mbaye

I’m Serigne or Baba, your Student Voices Representative. My mission is simple: I’m here to represent ALL students, no exceptions. Picture me as your voice, loud and clear, always with transparency and honesty. I’m all ears for your opinions, issues, and any suggestions to make things better. You’ll find me at meetings, speaking up for you, and providing accurate and honest feedback. Let’s make sure every student’s voice is heard and valued!



Veronica El- Yazji

I’m a Business student and I’m excited to take on this role. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of support to turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. If I can be that support for my fellow students, it would add so much value to my life. Let’s create a community where we uplift and support each other, making sure everyone has the chance to enjoy the wonderful experiences that make university life memorable.




Ali Mustafa

I’m Ali and being a Student Rep and the Law Society Leader has been an absolute blast. It’s not just a role for me; it’s a chance to connect and engage with my fellow students. Working closely with the student engagement team, we’re cooking up some exciting activities to give our society members a full taste of university life. From the LLW to Mooting, we’ve got a bunch of fun and engaging events lined up. 



Andrea David

I’m Andrea, and my journey is a bit unconventional! My professional career, a rich mix of experiences, now comes in handy both in my studies and interactions here at Bloomsbury. Since stepping into Bloomsbury, I’ve been an active member of the Student Guild, diving into the vibrant community. I’m here to support and help in any way I can. Let’s make this journey at Bloomsbury even more amazing!



Shahzaib Anwar

I’m Shahzaib, a law student who loves a good challenge. I’m here to support you in any way I can, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any problems, I promise a quick and friendly solution! As your go-to guy between students and the institute, I’ll make sure your concerns are heard. Beyond the books, I’m also the Sport Club Leader, and with everyone’s support, we’re making our journey active and healthy. 



Accounting & Finance

Lana Gusina

I am Lana, your go-to person in Accounting and Financial Management. I am not just acing my studies but also rocking it as a Student Rep and leading the Accounting Society. I am not just all about numbers; I am known for being kind, always friendly, and taking on responsibility like a champ. I bring the caring vibe to everything I do and I am on a mission to boost financial know-how, leading the Accounting Society. I am all about growing personally and supporting the whole community. 

Final Year Student REP


Marcia Barrant

I’m Marcia, your friendly helper. Approachable and always ready to share some good advice, count on me for support whenever you need it. As a Student Rep, I’m proudly part of the Student Guild Family, where I get to meet amazing folks and be supportive while soaking in the support too. And let me tell you, my university is THE best place to study in London! The vibe here is top-notch, filled with brilliant minds and kind hearts. 


MBA & MSc Student REPS

Harmeet Kaur Tatla

I’m Harmeet, and I’m on a mission to become your next student representative. Picture this: a vibrant campus where communication flows seamlessly, and initiatives flourish for an even more engaging and supportive student environment. I’m all about bridging those communication gaps and championing initiatives to make our university experience the best it can be. Let’s bring some energy to our campus!


Akshay Chopra

Hello, I’m Akshay, an MBA student! Passionate about growing as a leader, I’m on a journey as a Student Rep. My focus? Sharpening communication, problem-solving, and time management skills. I’m all about leading with impact, connecting with diverse folks, facing challenges head-on, and finding that perfect balance between academics and my role. 



Khushmeet Kaur 

I’m Khushmeet. Proudly recognised as a Corona Warrior for stepping up during COVID-19 vaccination duties, I’ve showcased adaptability by transitioning from a healthcare background to pursuing management studies. Resilient and dedicated, I’ve thrived in high-pressure situations on the pandemic’s frontlines. My well-rounded skills, blending academic achievements reflect a commitment to social responsibility and community service. Looking ahead, I aim to contribute meaningfully to the intersection of healthcare and management, armed with a forward-thinking mindset and a track record of success. 


Arslan Riaz 

I am an MSc student, and it would be an honour to represent the voice of my cohort. It is a chance for me to help others and discuss solutions, and to be an agent for positive change and get involved in the Student Guild. I am here to support my peers. Everybody can contact me anytime.





I am Khusbu, eager to be your MSc student representative. Imagine us working together to make our experience extraordinary! I am here to hear your thoughts, find solutions, and bring positive vibes. Let’s make our MSc journey memorable. Reach out anytime – your voice matters!




Baldeep Kaur

I’m thrilled to throw my hat in the ring for the position of MSc student representative. My passion lies in ensuring that our collective voice not only resonates but actively contributes to the vibrant and enriching experience we all aspire to have during our MSc journey. One aspect that particularly excites me is the opportunity to engage with the Student Guild. I want each of you to know that my commitment goes beyond the formalities. My virtual door is always open. Whether you have questions, suggestions, or simply want to chat about your experiences, I’m here for you.