Student Representation

Tatiana Nevez Student President

As your Student President, I intend to be approachable. I want students to know that I want to be their “safe place” where they can go when they need help or just want to talk. I will always listen to the students and consider their input. Student’s opinions are valued, and they will be heard. In addition, I hope to collaborate with the Student Guild to make your student experience the best possible. 



Foundation Year Student REPS


Ammar Syed

My name is Ammar, and I am an Accounting Foundation Year student. Not long ago, in my induction, I was told about the importance of communication and asking questions. Now some of us aren’t always comfortable in asking for help or might not know how to do so. Well, that is where I’d like to come in and assist my peers. I believe that the students including myself are on this journey of learning together and we should work together to support and motivate each other. That is why I have decided to pursue the role of Student Rep to be able to act as a source of aid for anyone in need of it. 


Josias Gaspard

I am Josias, a Foundation Year Accounting student. I love to help people around me because I am a people person, and I am driven by this motto:” Helping is happiness “. I have decided to become a Student Rep to be the voice of each student of our Institution and to be able to engage in activities that will benefit the Student Guild. 


Agnieszka Zygmuntowicz

I’m Aga and I am a Foundation Year Business Management student. Coming back to education has proven to be one of the best decisions I made. Not just the studies themselves are interesting and fun but the staff and teachers are great and helpful too. I’m a friendly and easily approachable individual, so whenever you find yourself struggling with the studies aspect of things or need instructions on navigating through The Institute’s website or simply just want a chat, come, and say hi! There is always help and support available, all you need to do is ask. 


Anudi Ponnamperuma

I am looking forward to the Student Rep role because I wish to build a good relationship with fellow students and share my experience. I am an honest hard worker, a good listener, a good communicator, and an encouraging person. As well as I would like to support each other to overcome their fears and reach for their dreams. I would like to strengthen my leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. Alongside I would like to help the students out and build a positive relationship between the student and the university.



Melissa El Yazji

Hi, my name is Melissa, and I am a student in Foundation Year Business and Management. I have applied for Student Rep to be your voice. If you have any problem or do you want to speak about anything, fill free to come along and talk to me. I am friendly, approachable, and keen to help anyone who needs help. 


Sandrine Isaacs

 I’m Sandrine, a Foundation Year Law student and I am a huge advocate of social justice and equality, with a background in youth theatre. As someone who enjoys working with other people and hearing about their lives, I am looking forward to supporting the Bloomsbury Institute student community and to helping to gather your views for the Student Council to make the most of our time studying together. I have a deep interest in psychology and law, and I hope one day to make a major change within the justice system to implement change because I believe there are too many times that minorities have been subject to a justice system that does not properly represent them. I have applied to be a Student Rep as it’s always been important to me that everyone’s voice is heard. As a person who knows what it’s like to have their voice not heard, it would be of the utmost importance to me that people feel as though they matter within Bloomsbury, and I would endeavour to ensure that is what would happen.

Khloud Al- Shameri

I am Khloud AL-Shameri and happy to be one of the Student Reps for this year. I have previous experience as a Student Rep and improved my communication skills by sharing the students’ opinion with the College leaders and Principles. We are all equal and deserve the best, we must all have an equal opportunity to achieve our goals and purse our dreams. 




Niromy Nilax Rajan

My name is Niromy, I am in my Foundation Year, and look forward to being your Student Rep. This will help me to engage the students to contribute to the decisions made in our Institution, by representing their ideas and views while keeping them involved in our academic community. As a Student Rep, I am also expanding my confidence and knowledge as taking this responsibility is a significant role to play.




Second Year Student REPS


Ana Maria Apostol

My name is Ana Maria Apostol. I consider myself a competitive person, a team player and a go getter which are great assets for the Student Rep role. I’m also a confident, honest and friendly person. This opportunity will help my peers and I to become a Team Voice for our cohort and give me the chance to practice all my skills gained throughout my studies and my personal experience. 

Paula Costan

My name is Paula Costan, I am a Law student, and I am glad to be your Student Rep. I am an active listener who likes to build and establish good relationships with other people to help them. This position will also help me to develop my communication skills at a professional level. So let us grow together.




Veronica Wilson

My name is Veronica, and I believe that all students should be treated with dignity and respect. I will endeavour to work towards a system that continuously listen to students and represent them in the designated capacity to embrace change, if needed. I have been a Student Rep since I started at Bloomsbury Institute and found it really rewarding. I have re-applied for this role because I love to be involved and proactive. I believe in fairness, justice, equality and recognise everyone as unique.



Final Year Student Reps


Gergana Atanasova

I have already had an incredible year as a Student Rep! And I have enjoyed completely the opportunities given to boost myself and to express my fellow students the view and perception! I assure you that each feedback was heard. In this role, I met many intelligent and dedicated to their work people and they gave me the faith to believe that what the students want to see, and experience alter for better.  So, this is what inspired me to continue this journey!

Cristian Dumitru

My name is Cristian Dumitru. I am a final year student at Bloomsbury in Accounting and Financial Management. My hobbies are chess (I finished 2nd place at regionals), reading, playing guitar and spending time with my friends. Working in the front line at Asda, I have been dealing with customers resolving all kinds of issues. For this, I have developed communication and leadership skills. What qualifies me best for this position is that I have come across many trials and tough times throughout all these years as a student and due to my communication and leadership skills, I can help other students to get to their final year at Bloomsbury Institute.



Andrea Catinella

I’m Andrea Catinella and I’m a continuity student Rep who’s on his Final year of Business & Management. Since I started my path in this campus, Bloomsbury Institute and Student Guild gave me the opportunity to develop my skills, make connections and expanding my networks, moreover with this position I was able to enhance my communication skills and interact with many more students, participating to events and talks about important topic for our society, all of this enhanced the greatest experience I had, and I’ll have till the end of this beautiful journey.

Eugenia Drobot

My name is Eugenia, and I am a Business Student. I wanted to be a Student Rep because I want to be part of Bloomsbury Institute family. I saw in Student Representative community the opportunity to develop a range of skills, make friends, meet new people and be the first one who will know about all exciting upcoming Events. I believe that I can be an intermediary for students’ issues and help other students to have a voice.





Ionut Mitu

My name is Ionut, and I am Final Year Law student and I like to help people as much as I can. This role, as Student Rep, will enable me to be the voice of the students and make sure it is heard, as communication is the bridge between students and tutors. This is also an opportunity to develop new skills and build my social network. I already encourage my classmates to engage in different sessions or surveys.


Olga Musteata

My name is Olga Musteata. I am a Law student in final year and look forward to being your Student Rep. I am a mother of two and I strongly believe that a successful student will become a successful valuable member of any society or team. I know that the student’s life can be increasingly tough, therefore, this role would give me the opportunity to raise the students’ concerns, resolve issues and share ideas for better communication between students, teachers, and other Institute leaders.