Student President & Society Leaders 23/24


Sayed Mustafa Sadat- Student President

Sayed is a 2nd-year Business student at Bloomsbury Institute, presently holding the position of student body president. Before assuming this role, he served in various capacities, including as a Student Rep, Business Society Leader, PAL, Peer Mentor, and Hospitality worker. Possessing a proven track record of leadership, reliability, and academic excellence, Sayed is unwaveringly committed to representing and enhancing the student experience at Bloomsbury Institute.

Alena Bakare- Activities Officer

Meet Alena, a first-year Business Management student at Bloomsbury Institute. Former Student Representative and current Peer Advisor, Alena is passionate about enriching the student experience. Aspiring to be the Activities Officer, she aims to create a welcoming environment for all students. Committed to fostering respect and equality, Alena is dedicated to supporting her peers and ensuring that university life is not only about studying but also about enjoying the journey together.

Akram Idrissi Tote- Equality Society Leader

Meet Akram, an advocate for equality and a dedicated leader of Equality Society and a Student Rep. His primary objective as a Student Rep is to ensure that every voice is heard, valuing both positive and negative feedback. Committed to fostering an inclusive environment, Akram contributes to improvements within the student body. His mission is to uphold the principles of respect and dignity, ensuring that members of the community feels empowered to voice their opinions and concerns.

Ali Mustafa- Law Society Leader

Meet Ali, an accelerated Law student dedicated to embodying perseverance and genuine engagement with his peers. Collaborating closely with the Student Guild, he contributes to meticulously planning activities that offer members of the society a well-rounded university experience. The upcoming events reflect the commitment to creating a dynamic and inclusive community. He ensures that every society member excels academically and enjoys a comprehensive and memorable university journey.

Saman Zamani- Business Society Leader

Saman, a passionate student fascinated with the transformative power of education, led him to become an international student. Leveraging his background in sales marketing and a deep understanding of market and financial analysis, he successfully connects education with global business. Now running for the position of Business Society Leader, Saman aims to share his wealth of knowledge, inspire others, and collectively make a lasting impact on the world.


Lana (Svetlana) Gusina- Accounting Society Leader

Meet Lana, an Accounting student who wears multiple hats as a continuing Student Rep and the Accounting Society Leader. Beyond her academic pursuits, Lana is known for her kindness, pleasant demeanour, and strong sense of responsibility. As a mother, she brings a nurturing spirit to her roles and is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Lana is passionate about maximizing financial awareness and leads the Accounting Society with the aim of empowering both herself and others. 

Shahzaib Anwar- Sport Society Leader

Meet Shahzaib, a competitive law student dedicated to supporting his peers. With a commitment to helping others, he invites students to approach him with any problems, promising prompt resolutions in a friendly environment. Outside academics, Shahzaib’s passion for an active lifestyle led him to become the Sport Club Leader. With the support of the Guild, he aims to foster an active and healthy journey for all. 


Nicholas Piere Muncey- Student Trustee

Meet Nicholas, a dedicated 3rd-year Law student. His core mission is to ensure that every student’s voice is not only heard but also leads to resolutions for any challenges they face. Drawing from personal experiences of feeling neglected, Nicholas is committed to leveraging his roles as a Peer Advisor and Mentor to gain insights into student issues. He aims to work with fellow students to find inclusive solutions that address the needs of everyone in the university community.

Anudi Rasulima- Student Trustee

Meet Anudi, your dedicated Student Trustee. Committed to fostering strong connections with fellow students, she aims to share her experiences and build a supportive community. Anudi is characterised by her honesty, hard work, attentive listening, and effective communication skills.  With a focus on personal growth in leadership and interpersonal skills, Anudi is determined to contribute to the positive relationship between students and the university, working towards the betterment of the student body. 


Hammad Hussain- Student Trustee

Meet Hammad, your dedicated Student Trustee. Actively engaged in campus activities. With a focus on advocacy, Hammad aims to bridge the gap between students and the university, emphasizing enhancements in campus facilities, academic support, mental health initiatives, and sustainability efforts. His commitment lies in ensuring transparent communication and fostering a thriving academic community where every student’s voice is valued and supported.