Your Student Rep

Representing your views and keeping you informed

Representing your views and keeping you informed.

The Bloomsbury Institute, the Student Guild and your student colleagues need Student Reps. Both the Student Guild and the Bloomsbury Institute recognise that student representation and a strong partnership between staff and students are at the very heart of our academic community. Therefore, working to ensure the student’s voice is heard via a democratic system is essential.

Ensuring the views of students are listened to is made possible by having Student Reps. The list of the relevant Student Reps can be viewed within the website following elections and training.

We are creating an exciting new way of interacting with your Student Rep. This is will be shared soon on the website.

Becoming a Student Representative…


  • Any Member of the Student Guild (all students provided you haven’t opted out of membership) with the exception of elected members to the Board of Trustees or Society Leader / Assistant Society Leader positions for the 2019/20 academic year.


Self-Nomination: For detailed information about the rules and procedures for becoming a Student Rep, click here to view our Election Policy.

Further elections:

In the spring of 2020, we will be looking to elect student members for our Board of Trustees – for a new Student President, Student Trustees and Activities Officer. In addition, we will be holding elections for new Society Leaders / Assistant Leaders. All these positions would start in October 2020.

We will be announcing the key dates for the spring elections on the website soon.

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