Guild Membership

Membership of the Student Guild

When students enrol as a student with the Bloomsbury Institute London, they automatically become a member of the Student Guild until they are no longer a student and the Student Guild receives identifying data about them from Bloomsbury Institute. Bloomsbury Institute considers that the provision of such data to the Student Guild is for a lawful purpose since the Student Guild requires student information to enable membership, facilitate the provision of student representation and afford students the rights and benefits of being a Student Guild member.

Being a member of the Student Guild creates the opportunity for students to become part of many exciting activities that enhances their professional journey and develops their personal skills. Students can either join an existing Society or start a new one with the prospects of building their CV and receiving a reference that reflects their achievements.

The Student Guild provides its members with a friendly environment where they meet like- minded people, build lasting friendships and become part of our “together we achieve” culture. Members are also able to attend different networking events organised by the student representative team. This is where students are able to gain valuable knowledge beyond their immediate academic studies and prepare them for the world of work and/or entrepreneurship.

Key rights of being a member of the Student Guild:

  • The right to run for election to become a Student Representative
  • The right to run for election to become part of the Student Guild’s governing body – the Board of Trustees
  • The right to run for election to become a Student Society Leader, Assistant Leader or any position of office in a society or club (although you may still become a member and participate in the society’s activities if you opt-out)
  • The right to attend as a voting member at the Student Guild’s Annual General meeting, to vote in any referenda and other Guild decision-making meetings.

Opting-out of membership

If you wish to opt-out you have the right to do so at any time. In order to opt-out, you must send an email to the Guild Manager at including your name, LON number and making clear you wish to opt-out. By opting out, you would lose the opportunities and rights described above. You may opt back in at any time by again emailing the Guild Manager.